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Jill Holtz is CEO of Mykidstime Ltd and co-founder www.MyInsightsOnTime.com, helping brands get insights from parents to connect, build trust and grow their business.
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Understanding Customers needs

31-Mar-2021 09:18:39 / by Jill Holtz Founder MyKidsTime posted in MyKidsTime


Understanding your consumers' needs and wants has become essential to ensure your company is future-proof. Listening empowers you to learn from and talk to your customers and potential customers, in order to create ever-improving experiences.

Mykidstime Ltd has developed a new approach to integrate insights with marketing. This came about because over the years as we have been working with brands and businesses we noticed a few disconnects along the way.

Based on our experience, here are some pitfalls to avoid and also some tips to help optimise your marketing to consumers.

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