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27-Apr-2021 14:33:54 / by Lorraine Carter, founder of Persona Design

Persona Design has shaken up the traditional branding agency model by creating an online capability building programme and community for leanly-resourced businesses.

They make professional brand strategy accessible to you with simplified, affordable systems that get profitable results for your modestly resourced business:

  • Persona Design make the complex easy as ABC using their proprietary IP with 20 years of award-winning expertise, so you can Transform Your Brand & Increase Your Sales
  • Be The ONE, the brand that’s most differentiated, relevant, credible, trusted and commands a premium, so you can achieve higher revenue and leave your competitors way behind

In fact, their systems are used worldwide, including on The Economist Group platform, Persona Design owns the IP.

Working in non-competing peer groups through the Persona Brand Strategy Leadership Mastermind programmes, business leaders and founders get results faster with measurable outcomes each step of the way to drive the business forward successfully, engineer in commercial resilience and most importantly avoid costly mistakes.

Branding and brand strategy is frequently misunderstood with the most common mistakes amongst SMEs thinking that a logo, website, brochures and design is branding when those are just design executions.

Branding strategy coupled with your business strategy enables you to:

1. Differentiate strongly from your competitors in customer terms, so you stand out

2. Build unshakable relevance, trust and credibility amongst your ideal customers, so you increase your customer base, likeability, visibility, referral and retention

3. Increase your perceived value, margins and sales, so you grow your profits faster

4. Develop your brand hierarchy and product or service portfolio to avoid customer confusion, so you maximise your up-sells and cross-sells

5. Engineer business model resilience, innovation and product development, so you can future proof your business and its ability to leverage opportunity in adversity

6. Structure your business/brand to build your brand IP asset value for investment and/or selling

7. Achieve higher revenue consistently

You can discover more about brand strategy to drive growth here and on Persona Design’s award-winning blog. You can also listen to Lorraine talk about what she’s got planned for you here in this video.


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Lorraine Carter, founder of Persona Design

Written by Lorraine Carter, founder of Persona Design

Sharing her expertise globally, Lorraine Carter, founder of Persona Design, has won multiple awards working with household names like Nestlé, Kerry Foods, along with MGI Learning, Thunders, Abberley Luxury Yachts, and hundreds of other customers worldwide.

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